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Best Social Plugin!

This plugin will blow your mind. All I was looking for was a floating side bar without the usual clogs in the wheels. Raghunath gave it as concise as needed! Great job!! Guys give it a trial!!!


Great plugin!

Easy to install, good looking plugin. Wish it had a few more features but hopeful they'll be released in coming updates.


Works fine, nice support

The plugin works fine. No problems and very nice and quick support. ?


Excellent support

The plugin is very functional and works exactly as it is advertised! Support from the plugin author was also excellent — I was offered personalized assistance with modification of the code, which was essential since my coding knowledge is limited. Very much deserves 5 stars!


Love this Plug in

Simple, user friendly, sleek looking. What else one needs?!!


PERFECT! Try this!

I searched for a couple of days for a social share plugin that was fast, easy, and effective. I decided to try this plugin, based on 10,000+ downloads, and a 5-Star rating. Add me to the list! I installed the plugin and had it up and running in about ONE MINUTE! It looks exactly like what I wanted on my website. And, best of all, it is completely customizable. You can use any button images you like, and have the floating social bar pop up anywhere you like. You can even set a delay in seconds, for when you want the social bar to show up. Try this plugin… you will not be disappointed!


Easy and effective

There is very little set up and with the way it works is both easy and effective.


Great plugin!

I have this plugin installed on several WordPress sites, and it has eliminated hacks from attempting to login to our dashboards since it makes the default wp-admin page no longer accessible. Great customer service from the developers too! Thank you!


Easy to use plugin and amazing support

I installed the plugin on my commercial website and it works great and looks beautiful (fully customizable). Also the support is fast and effective. I am very happy with this product! Keep up the great work!


Plugin works great!

At first, I had a few problems with the plugin as it was not fetching the right information to share with facebook. After I contacted the author, he fixed it immediately and now it works seamlessly!



Thank you so much for the plugin! It helped me a lot!!! May more blessings come to you for this year 2016! ?


Excellent Plugin

Love the options to add the floating share buttons which free up space/clutter on my site as it sits on the outside margin of the page, away from all other site content but still clearly visible to all visitors. Easy to customize and a great feature is that every possible sharing service (plus other features like print, bookmark, email, etc…) are easily accessible to followers of the site by clicking the + or more button. Considering upgrading to the pro version as soon as I run the free version for a couple of weeks to make sure everything continues to work fine and I don't see a noticeable increased load on my server. Another big plus is the quick response time of the author to questions posted in support forum.


SO Happy with this plugin!

A plugin that works perfectly without any issues and it's a real plus to be able to customize the text and box to my liking. Best of all the plugin protects the content without blocking admin activities like the free version of WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click, which caused me a lot of grief. Switching to this plugin was a great decision and I highly recommend!


Great Social Buttons — Exceptionally capitable!

Great Social Buttons — Exceptionally compatible! he floating side bar can be neatly and easily reduced in the Pro Version, while adding the buttons to the bottom of the mobile page, and lots of other options, keeping it out of the way on small screen, but convenient to engage for the user. Well thought out …. graphics are minimal for mobile (which is great) but would like to see something fancier for desktop side bar if possible…


Great work,

works fine, but, you thought to show the number of times each item was shared?


Thank you for a very good plagin

Fast support, easy to use, good working, I satisfied.


Socialize it

The best social share button so far. Looks great on my website.


Wp Youtube Gallery

very good and simple galleries for videos, easy to use.It does what it says and developer is very quick answer questions.


great plugin

Great plugin! Very good support. I'd recommend it to others! ?


Very Happy so far

I would like to thank Raghunath for creating this simple but attractive plug in. Also for his prompt assistance. Keep up the good work.


Easy to use

Great plugin, easy to use. Make sure permalinks is not set to default.


fantastic value

Great app, great value for money and works really well.


Great Plugin!

Previously, I was using third party services like Shareaholic and AddThis. I found that these third party services were often slow, so the buttons would fail to display on my site and it would slow down the loading of other scripts. This plugin allowed me to get rid of those services and keep everything on my own server.


Great Plugin

Very nice plugin, and more importantly, very good support by the plugin author.


Good plugin

Clean and easy to use.


Simple to use and no BS to cope with

I'm very happy with this plugin. It a huge time saver.


Thank you

I prefer to use your other plugin for floating sidebar, but it just didn't want to work with my new theme. So I tried this and it works. I will not use it (I need different look), but I want to say my thank you. Very simple, very easy and works. Thanks


Absolutely excellent plugin and service!

This is a very cool plugin. Very easy to load up. Extremely easy to use and set up. But what impressed me the most, is the customer service. Any time I get in touch with a developer, I'm never sure I'll hear back, but this team is AWESOME!!!! Highly recommended. Well worth upgrading to PRO.


Exactly what a wordpress page needs

Excellent, easy and reliable. I'm really happy with it. 5/5 Great Job!



This is the most secured, reliable, and user-friendly admin plugin for WordPress. Don't hesitate to buy this plugin as it produced much better than expected result. It will secure your website and give you a peace of mind against hackers and known wp-admin url. I am using the Pro version now on all my websites! Well done guys! Keep it up!


Pro version: excellent plugin and support

The free version is already great, but the pro version is definetly worth the 25 usd. I had two questions and both were answered within seconds – amazing support! Keep up the good work ?


Simply Awesome

Very Simply Awesome!


funktioniert einwandfrei auch mit 5.2.4

nach einem Update des bisherigen Kopierschutzes war meine Seite nicht mehr erreichbar … super bingo !!! konnte diesen dann gsd löschen … Seite wieder erreichbar … habe dann lange nach einem neuen Kopierschutz gesucht … diesen hier runtergeladen, installiert … Einstellungen vorgenommen … wunderbar – alles funktioniert dann gleich noch die Pro-Version gekauft … runtergeladen … installiert … Einstellungen vorgenommen … einfach perfekt !!! alles einfach und schnell zu handeln … und ich habe das, was ich gerne haben wollte.


Awesome, works like a charm!

Awesome, works like a charm! Make sure you have rights to edit yr htaccess!


Great module and quick support

The module has a lot of flexibility and a requested feature was implemented in very quick time.



Great plugin! And excellent feedback, if you need support the support author will get back to you very quickly. Thanks!


Great Support

Had a CSS conflict on my site. Submitted a request and within 20 minutes Raghunath fixed the problem. Plugin is good but the support makes it perfect. Will definitely buy other plugins from you again. Thanks


Compatible, reliable

I'm running the last version of WP and it seems that this plugin is the only one keeping up with the newest versions. And it works. Thanks! Did you think of a popup with a customisable text to explain the user they can't use right click? Otherwise very good


Very good

I like this plugin! Very good support by the plugin author – and that's always a winner.


Love it

Great little plugin, simple and works well so far!


Simple and Looks Good Too

I wanted a simple plugin to show Social Media icons on the side of the page. This plugin does the job. It is simple to use and the icons are static so no wobbling or juddering as you scroll up/down. Good job.


Great Plugin

One of the best plugin I come across. Also best supportive customer care.. These guys resolve problems very quickly and that's another advantage to choose this plugin..! Just love it..


Excellent Job!! Great Support

I have created 100 post just in a seconds!! This plugin made my life so much easier. This is a Excellent plugin, does a great job,Support is perfect!


Works well, Pro version supported

The plugin works well. When there was some conflicting JS causing a minor issue, they took care of it for me.


Awesome plugin Fast Developer

Plugin works great, developer helped me with a quick fix within a couple hours. Awesome job man!



Amazing support, so grateful for the developer, best sharing plugin around. Thank you!


Works for menu links as well

I was looking for a share social slider that I could also customize with my own images and links. So if you also need to add an icon with a link to a specific page to your site, this is the plugin to go with. Raghunath was very quick to respond and answered all my questions.


Most Unrated Simple SEO Plugin ever

This is the best simple seo plugin. It's unlock Meta titile, Meta Description & Keyword for every post, page & category pages. Thanks to developer.


Support that goes above and beyond

What a brilliant plugin, it worked right out the box, did *everything* I wanted and the support from Raghunath was simply magnificent. At $25 for the Pro version, it's one of the most value for money WordPress plugins around.


Awesome plugin

I have used this plugin almost in three to four sites and it really great plugin awesome.. ?


Great plugin and great support

I have tried this plugin, it works really googd, i love it. When i had an issue the support resolved it very quickly. I am very happy !



Excellent plugin that continues to get better. Very fast support also. Thank you.


Simple to install and use

5 stars – simple installation, use of admin features, and the most important



Very good protection, and no hack goes through !


Simple and effective

Instant results. I also modded it to allow other roles to access the backend (including custom roles and woocommerce shop managers)


Great plugin

Works great! thank you for this plugin. Hopefully it will stop fake login attemps and brute force attacks.


Best of the Lot.

Looked at many social sharing plugins. This one is exactly what I was looking for. Nice work.


Great plugin !

Excellent idea of this plugin, very useful and needed !


Great work!

Love the plugin! Bought the pro version to be able to switch it of on certain pages. Works great!


Great plugin – so easy to use

It was very simple to setup and support was quick. He understood the issue and made the appropriate changes to the plugin and updated it immediately.


Very Good Plugin!

This is really very good plugin!(y) Many thanks for create this plugin ?


Excellent Plugin

This plugin is excellent for preventing site visitors from copying and pasting information. Very easy to use and the support is great too. When I had an issue, I was responded to promptly and the developer fixed it easily.


Best sharing plugin!

Great plugin which you can any share button you want, brilliant!


Works Great!

Very nice looking plugin that works very well, I just need to find a recent posts plugin and comments plugin with the same look and feel


Exactly what I needed!

Exactly what I needed and it is only 28kb light. Unlike WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click which is 1.6 MB heavy and does the same. THANK YOU!


Great Plugin One of the Best I’ve used

Works awesome with my theme, looks great on the side of the site.. Easy to hide/Show!



Simple to use, amazing design and the support was excellent. Congrats to developer. I recommend!!!


So good

Its a good plugin. But I miss a meneame.net share button. It would be possible in next updates? Thanks.


Thanks for this awesome plugin !!

An awesome plugin which is both very practicle and esthetic ! Thanks !!


Very nice plugin

very nice plugin, and more importantly, very good support by the plugin author.


Great and easy

Very easy to use, great and usefull. Good job done!


Pro Version

Excellent functionality, excellent support from the developer.


Awesome plugin and very good support!

Prob one of the best plugin's i've found so far, easy to edit and really good support ?


What you would need

I love it!!!!!


This plugin is awesome, it looks great on my website!

This plugin is awesome, it looks great on my website! So easy to install and understand. Raghunath Gurjar did a perfect job with this plugin and i would suggest you get it installed on your website right away.


Good Plugin. Good Support.

Good plugin good support. Will be upgrading to pro soon to have flexibility in showing/hiding sidebar on select pages.


Awesome Support

Raghunath, thank you so much for your help in solving my problems. The plugin is awesome and the support is even better. Thanks again!


Excellent Job!! Great Support

I have created 100 post through CSV file just in a seconds!! This plugin made my life so much easier. This is a Excellent plugin, does a great job,Support is perfect! Thank you for create this plugin.



konecne plugin, ktory pracuje spravne, akurat nie je mozne menit pozadie


Simple and Sweet

Fantastic Plugin, Installed with in few seconds. Highly recommended. Also, tried other highly recommended plugin but didn't worked on my website. Thanks


Very, very good plugin that I use on several of my professional websites

I'm using this plugin on the lastest wordpress build. I've been using the paid version of it since the beginning of this year, and it works flawlessly, each time, every time. Easy to set-up, easy to use, and it works, unlike several other free or paid plugins, which I won't name. And there are not ugly advertising or duns you get with other share button plugins. Note that it takes a few hours to get the download link in email depending on where you live. (The programmer lives about 12 hours from me on the other side of the world.) It's worth the short wait for his email with your download link, though. Well worth it…which, if you've tried other share plugins, you know only too well. If you're planning on using it on several sites, do buy the multi-site package. I tried it first with a single buy, but this plugin is solid enough to be well worth the multi-site license for those of us who run multiple websites for ourselves and our clients.


Awesome product & support!

This product works great to protect my WP installation. I was updating plugins today and was having issues. I originally thought this plugin was the issue but Raghunath helped me troubleshoot and we discovered it was a different plugin! Thank you so much Raghunath!


The Best Social Plugin I Have Ever Used!

Raghunath has knocked it out the park with this plugin, it is very close to perfect. Simple to use, neat, fast, sharp and the timer works perfectly. A great deal of thought has gone into this plugin, it's a real gem, the best out there as far as I'm concerned.


Perfect and great support!

Works great, and a quick good support!


Recommended Plugin

Great plugin, even greater customer service. Recommended plugin.


super customizable plugin

It is a very light, super customizable plugin. You can create your own look and feel for the social buttons. The support on the pro version is quick and perfect.


Works and great suport!

Works and have great support!



This plugin is fast and simple to use. I love the clean look that it has also. ?


What a nice plugin

Thank you for a simply great plugin Raghunath! Kris~


Raving Fan!

Awesome plugin that works really well and is easy to use. I got it and loved it. Then I needed something customized and that's when they really took it to another level. They did an awesome job for me! I have worked with many people and companies but few have ever cared this much about delivering high quality work. Raghunath has been fast and has worked with very high quality for me. He is also very pleasant to work with and has made the process easier by communicating quickly. I am honored to give this company the highest rating possible and I would recommend them for whatever work you need done.


100% Perfect

I love this professional approach. Easy Setup and Perfect Result.


Great Video Plugin

Great plugin for posting videos. Developer is a great help if you have any questions.


It´s a great plugin

great plugin and great job thank you



Very good plugin Easy to customize, and very pleasant. Good work. I recommend.


Love this thing!

Great plugin! Free version is good but go ahead and spend a little on the pro version. It's $25 if you have just one site. You get a ton of extra features. Totally worth it. Really quick support if you have a questions too!


Works and great suport!

Wp 4.7.3 it works very well



Awesome Very good product!! Work very well.


Great piece of Software..the pro version have lots of flexibility

Loving it so far.Awesome!


The plugin helped me.

There was a task to exclude categories from the widget. The plugin helped me. It would be nice if it could be done in WordPress without plug-ins.


Simple, Easy, Does what it Says on the Box – Great range of options

A great plugin for social share buttons with all the config options you need. Easy to add / remove social networks and options to hide / show on pages. Bought the pro version for instagram. It's a steal at $25 and quicker than rolling your own.


Great Job!!

Great Job!! It's free version have good features but I have decide to spend a small amount for the pro version and get a some more important features of pro version. Very quick reply by plugin support if you have a questions too! Thanks again for create to this plugins.


Easy Custom Links

The plugin worked perfectly and it was easy to add custom links and even swap out the icons with ones designed for our custom theme with very little effort!


Easy to use and install

I just needed to add a few lines to my .htaccess and everything was working fine!



Thank you so much This is exactly what I wanted. And it is WAAAAY too easy to integrate and use. Thanks once again!


Beatiful and easy to set up

Hi, thx for this PlugIn. It works. And if you have Problems, you get help from the support very quickly. 5 Stars, what else…


Top Quality Experience!

Amazing service and support! Easy to configure and if you'll have any questions, the support team is always happy to help.


Works great when others don’t

I found it worked better than an big name sharing service plugin.


Fantastic Plugin

Works exactly like the demo. Great support and it looks awesome on mobile.


Nice and simple

Nice and simple. I was using Addthis sharing buttons because there were included in the premium theme that I bought. But when clicking on these buttons, they were actually first going to URL Addthis.com then only after to target social network. So firstly it was slowing down sharing and then I do not know what information was actually forwarded to Addthis.com without my consent because I never registred to Addthis. So I stopped to used this plugin and went to this one Custome Share…etc… Actually only the tittle of this plugin is an issue. I am looking to buy the pro now.


Nice plugin, good suppor

Nice plugin, good support


Great plugin!

Very easy to use, work out of the box with great configs and fantastic support!


Great Plugin !!!

Great plugin made by Raghu. It was very helpful for me to protect my website from hackers and spammers. Great work..



The A1 support is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very good product!! Work very well. !!!!!!! really!!!!!!!!!!



I'm using this plugin on every of my sites now. Much easier for my clients. Thanks!


Works Great!!

This plugin did exactly what I needed it to do.it save me lot of time and money too! Thanks for create this excellent plugin!! Keep up the good job!


Great Plugin!

Lightweight plugin that does everything I need (and doesn't slow my site down at all). Well done! Just wanted to add that the support given by Mr. Raghunath is fantastic! I had a problem when I first upgraded to version 1.8, and he very quickly responded and then solved the problem for me. Can't speak highly enough of him. Thanks!



This is not only a very useful plugin, but also easy-to-use, customisable and elegant. The plugin works well is and is well thought through.


Congratulations for this plugin

Excellent plugin, easy and simple to install. Impressed with support, made a suggestion and it was implemented. Well done.


easy to use

easy to use, simple and works well so far!


Very Slick :)

A nice way to add share functionality to your website. It is something that catches the reader eyes & is non-obtrusive at the same time. It complements professionally made websites.



Its working fine with wordpress 4.1.1

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