Launched my own another wordpress plugin : WP Social Buttons

Hello Friends!
Hope you all doing well :)
I have launched my another new¬† “WP Social Buttons” wordpress plugin.

“WP Social Buttons”
is the very simple plugin for add to floating social buttons on your site.
“wp-social-buttons” is the very simple plugin for add to social buttons on your site(floating sidebar). Using this plugin you can easly share your website with your firends on Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,Pinterest,Google+. There are not added any external JS files in this plugin so it’s does not effect on your site speed as well.


  • Floating Sidebar
  • Options to show/hide the specific social buttons
  • Options for define the postion(Left/Right) of floating sidebar

Download This Plugin
Hope you all will be enjoy my this plugin! :)
Enjoy My Plugin

3 Replies to “Launched my own another wordpress plugin : WP Social Buttons”

  1. Hello Raghunath,
    just stopping by to thank you for creating the Custom Share plugin, great work.
    I have installed and tried almost every WP Social button plugin out there, most are not well coded and just increase loading times, quite why your plugin is not more popular I have no idea, it is hands down the best free version I’ve used to date.
    Sadly I also see my comment is the first here, folks these days just never take the time I suppose.
    If you intend to keep your plugin updated, I would like to suggest a couple of things you may want to have a look at doing.
    1. To include a link icon to, it’s a huge site with a lot of traffic.
    2. To have an option or default to float the box to the side of the site wrapper or content, so it is more central to the page, rather than to the left side of the screen.

    1. Hi Tim,
      Thanks for provide you valuable feedback about my plugin and thanks for suggest us new option.
      I would request you to leave you same feedback on my plugin official page, it will be really very helpful to make my plugn more popular compare to other social plugin and also motivate me for create to new more plugin.
      Please have a look on given below link for leave your rate to my plugin
      In new version we will try to add both suggest option and update you.

  2. You’re welcome,
    and if it helps you I have given it a +5 at
    I look forward to any upadtes.
    Keep up the good work

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